As a resident of Cobb County, it is my desire to bring a better community for all. I am accountable and eager to serve the citizens of each neighborhood and city of this county. I do not take this lightly.I want to earn your vote for Cobb County Sheriff. It is time for new leadership.

My goals as Sheriff are:

  • Assess the Structure and Operation of the Cobb County Sheriff Department
  • Assess the Health and Safety conditions of the Cobb Detention Center
  • Make any changes to correct the unlawful treatment of detainees and employees
  • Develop youth education program to deter youth from committing crimes
  • Bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and citizens


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Bridging the Gap



38 years combined Law Enforcement and Security Management experience

Police Officer Carver College Police Department

Former Lieutenant, Morehouse College Police Department

Former Sergeant, Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office

Former Assistant Director of Protection Services, Woodruff Arts Center

Certified Instructor, Georgia State Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies

14 years Security experience, Woodruff Arts Center

Cultural Diversity Training

(1) Why are you running for office
I believe as Sheriff of Cobb County,
I can make a difference as a public servant in combating crime by bridging the gap between law enforcement
and citizens that we serve and protect.
The crime rate is increasing and public trust with law enforcement is declining.
We need to restore the trust and build relationships in order to impact our community. I believe that I have the training and skills needed to build these trusting and collaborative relationships
with the citizens of Cobb County and surrounding municipalities.
(2) From a law enforcement perspective, what is the biggest issue facing Cobb County today?
I am convinced that the biggest issue facing any city, county, or state is the increased
crime rate and the declining interrelationship between citizens and law enforcement officials.
(3) Do you believe there is a lack of trust between law enforcement and their communities? If so, what can be done to remedy this issue? If not, what steps would you take to ensure this trust remains in place?
Yes, I believe there is a lack of trust between
law enforcement and the communities in which they serve. Law enforcement agency officials should form a joint task force to discuss efforts to combat crime,
and other community concerns within the county.

We can bridge the gap with citizens by going out into the communities and interacting with the citizens through town hall meetings. With this method, citizens will have an opportunity
to voice their concerns and receive feedback from law enforcement officials on intended methods of action.

(4) Do you support mandatory minimum sentences for certain offenses? Why or why not?
The mandatory minimum sentences would depend on the severity of
the crime committed and the court mandate.